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The Kingdom of Nah

Matt Konrad explores Lester B. Morrison's edges-of-everything world, as captured in Little Brown Mushroom's "House of Coates," written by Brad Zellar and photographer Alec Soth and just released in trade paperback by Coffee House Press. Note: This essay was originally published in 2012, on the publication of Little Brown Mushroom's limited-edition series of the book.
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Building a Place of Attention

Matt Konrad profiles rosenlof/lucas (ROLU, for short), an art and design studio who've become known for the "superhybridity" of their practice, including landscape design and furniture creations, conceptual art projects and an internationally read blog. MINNESOTA'S BARELY PRECEDENTED, MONTH-LONG HEATWAVE has wreaked havoc on plenty of cherished summer traditions in 2012.
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Beautifully Twisted

Writer and designer Matt Konrad reviews Paper Darts' first foray into book publishing, John Jodzio's collection GET IN IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, calling its marriage of art, fiction and smart layout a "terrific model of a print project for the electronic age." He's a McKnight/Loft grantee, a multiple-time miniStories winner, and author of two short story collections: GET IN IF YOU WANT TO LIVE (Paper Darts Press, 2011), and IF YOU LIVED HERE YOU'D ALREADY BE HOME (Replacement Press, 2010)
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One in the Hand - Zak Sally and La Mano Publishing

Matt Konrad sits down with former Low bassist -turned-comics impresario Zak Sally to talk comics, indie publishing, and the ins and outs of making a living at art without adding trash to the cultural pile. THE NORTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS BUILDING HOUSING THE studio and office of Zak Sally’s publishing concern, La Mano 21 , is maybe the most fitting possible home for the not-quite-comics, not-quite-prose, not-quite-cult, not-quite-mainstream artist at work.
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